Common Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Your First Home

Your Landlord is giving you issues, right? One problem or another yeah? I know how it feels as I have been in your position before. I think it is time you start looking to buy your own home. However, before making this huge financial investment, there are certain mistakes you should avoid as a first time buyer.
This mistakes can be very costly and ruined that perfect picture of you in your home. Here are some of them;

  • Not having a well-defined budget.

Many people go into buying or investing in Real Estate without having a clear budget of the whole process. As a first time buyer, you need to create a list of the expenses to be incurred in investing in Real Estate. Expenses to consider include documentation fees, facility management and a host of others. To be able to scale this hurdle, make a list of the monthly and annual expenses. Add this up and subtract the total from your monthly income. This helps determine expenses to be incurred especially when taking a mortgage. Having the right budget estimation, you will not be caught lusting after houses that are beyond your reach, thereby avoiding financial troubles.

Good news is, CDV Properties and Development Limited can work with your budget as we offer flexible payment plans to suit your need.

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  • Failing to inspect the property more than once.

Many buyers tend to make the mistake of not inspecting a property more than once. This is a terrible move as you can miss vital details during the first inspection. Liken buying a property to getting married. You don’t just meet someone for the first time and say you want to get married to them. You go on continuous dates before making that life decision. This should be applied to buying an apartment. Take pictures of the place so, in your free time, you can check these pictures for that tiny detail. With CDV Properties and Development Limited you can do property inspections as many times as possible.

  • Making Compromises on important details.
    Yes, compromise is what usually helps most people reach agreements but in investing in Real Estate, you must not make compromises on IMPORTANT details. Only you can say what the must-haves of your dream home are. Once you notice these must-haves are not available or information on these is distorted, it is advisable you do not go for it. You do not want to be filled with regrets after a while. This is why at CDV Properties and Development Limited, we offer you an array of options to pick from as we have different estates in several locations.

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  • Being impatient:
    I know you are really itching to handle the keys to that apartment of yours. The thrill is never ending till you finally get the keys. You will need to curtail this emotion and take your time so you can pay attention to details. You need to conduct a survey on the property. You also need to verify the property by conducting a search on the government database. Also, this helps you avoid being defrauded. CDV Properties and Development Limited provides seasoned lawyers to guide you through every step.
    These are but a few of the most common mistakes people interested in buying a home make. I trust you will not make these errors after reading this.
    Ready to get that dream home? CDV Properties and Development Limited is here to offer you the best affordable homes that fits into your plan.


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