Living On Lagos Island

Lagos, a premier metropolitan city in Nigeria,. But due to the Water Bodies surrounding it. It has been divided into 2 parts. The Mainland and the Island. The Island consists of major places like Lekki, Victoria Island (V.I) and Ikoyi while the Mainland consists of many other local government which sum up Lagos.

Living on Lagos Island

Lagos Island fits as best place to live in, but in living on the Island, there are Advantages and disadvantages.

Pros for living on the island.

The island, fondly called the Highbrow area of the state. There is a mad rush to live and work on the Island due to the beauty and organization.

The Pros (Advantages) of Living on the island.

Lagos Island is structured with Good Schools even with top-notch international standards with American standards or British syllabus. In many estates there is a centralized power generation, making the electricity situation very good in this area.

Living the luxurious life is not a problem on the island, there are lots of relaxation places, malls, lounges, Beaches, restaurants, café, eateries, shopping malls, Cinemas, Gardens.

The island was structured to have a touch of living in European Countries. Whether you’re living in Lagos for grooving or Work purposes. The Island has it all.

in conclusion if you want to live in lagos island, we suggest you live in lekki and to do so, its easy to buy a property from us at cdvproperties.

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