Thank You For Coming

We appreciate those present at the official opening of CDV Properties & Development Ltd Office in Lekki Phase1.

We say thank you, your presence made a difference.

As we all have been cautioned by Lagos State Government to be more alert for the COVID-19 safety precautions, sanitize your hand regularly, and wash your hand with soap and running water for as often as possible to keep high hygiene.

In 2015 Bill Gates gives a model of a virus that breaks out that could possibly cost the world economy 3trillion dollars if not prepared for it, here in 2020 COVID-19 makes that a reality, in less than a month takes a downturn on most businesses.

All that has been invested for years is rashly sold out for the fear of further downturn of the money market due to the engulfing pandemic.

But one investment is stable amid all challenges, yes you're right it’s Real Estate.

This is what I have come to realize that what is of the earth is much value when you nurture it, to those who have keyed into our vision on the APPLEWOOD3 Project, this is the reward they have gotten so far.

One of the rewards is that, earlier this year as at January 2020 the Executive Gov. of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu made the announcement at the Delloite Economic Outlook mentioning the development of the road an infrastructure that will come up from Shapata by VGC to freedom way in Lekki phase 1

 Recently a confirmation to that project commencing by May this year 2020 was mention in the vanguard daily's of the 14th of March.

Now it's still going at the rate which our APPLEWOOD3 is been advertised, but then think of the values that the road project will add to the properties once the road construction commences.

Don't blame us we just have a great vision for important property investors who can rely on us for best picks.

The choice of our Property locations is what set us ahead of our competitors, over two decades in the real estate developing industry is enough to know what you need.

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