Our Services

CDV Properties & Development Limited has a full range of real estate and civil construction services which includes but not limited to:

   * Design and Engineering

   * Estimation

   * Material procurement and supply

   * Erection

   * Supervision

   * Quality assurance/control

   * Maintenance etc


It is because CDV Properties & Development Limited has a pool of transitional human, material and technological resources that it is capable of assuming total project responsibility and of providing a comprehensive project delivery programme. The Company has developed the experience and systems to mobilise within a short period of time, competent technical personnel, management personnel and labor ; to organise them into fully integrated project team and to deploy them to execute a variety of small and large scale projects.


Before work is commenced on any project, CDV's team of engineers draw up a work flow chart displaying the various steps and procedures to be adopted in the execution of such projects. This work schedule will include the step-by-step procedures describing all work steps to be performed as well as the duration of such steps. The client's project specification is prevailing hence, supervision by CDV's Project Manager will ensure strict execution according to client's specifications and technically applicable standards.

Quality Assurance

CDV's quality assurance/control is an integral part of the company's project engineering execution and monitoring department. The prime objectives of the management of CDV Properties & Development is to provide services in a manner that conform to contractual and regulatory requirement. In order to achieve this objectivects, it is our policy to establish and maintain an efficient Quality Assurance Programme planned and developed in conjunction with all management functions.

Health and Safety

It is the Company policy to maintain a safe and healthy working environment for all its employees. Moreover, through a system of documented working instructions, the responsibility for the physical enforcement of the safety policy will be delegated to supervisors for their particular ares of supervision.